Working on Anna’s Little Playhouse

I started out with this storage building that I bought from a guy in Oak Ridge. It is a plain building about 15 foot long and eight foot wide. There were two windows in the back. I put two more on each side of it. Then I built a half dozen shutters. I found the plans and a video on the Internet, although I had to reduce the scale. I made the first one and tested it before I made the others. It was probably around half of an inch too big, but I figured that it was close enough. It was mostly a matter of making sure it was all centered up correctly. I found this tongue and groove hard wood flooring at the surplus shop on Market Street.It was not enough to do the whole building, but of course there was the furniture and the other stuff which was going to take up about a quarter of the floor.

This is a real house actually. In fact it is pretty much up to code.

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